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Due to the increasingly heavy traffic on motorways and expressways, the chances of traffic accidents causing traffic congestion, injuries to people and infrastructure, and fatalities are increasing. The consequences of accidents can be even worse if emergency vehicles cannot access the accident location. Correct lining up in a motorway traffic congestion is of key issue as can save a life.

drawing: Saves lives - emergency lane in traffic congestion

In the event of a traffic congestion on the motorway, emergency vehicles must be able to pass unhindered to the scene of the accident!

By correctly lining up of vehicles that are not involved in a traffic accident on the motorway, we enable ambulances to access victims faster and thereby increase their chance of survival by up to 40 percent.

Therefore, at any traffic congestion, observe the following rules about the lining up of vehicles:

  • Whenever traffic is stopping or brought to a standstill on a highway and an expressway with two or more traffic lanes in one direction, drivers must immediately establish an emergency corridor between the queues of vehicles, which is wide enough for the safe driving of intervention vehicles.
  • Vehicles stopping or standing in the leftmost lane must move as far to the left as possible, even across the edge line of the directional carriageway.
  • Vehicles stopping or standing in the remaining traffic lanes must move as far to the right as possible, even across the edge line of the directional carriageway, which also includes the hard shoulder.

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Drivers, slowly, patiently and carefully during traffic congestions!
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