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Today, 13 January 2009, Acting Director General of the Police Matjaž Šinkovec received the police officers leaving tomorrow for the EUPM international civilian mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Officers leaving for the peacekeeping mission are:

IMG 0113

  • Police Inspector Darko Lesjak, employed at the Security Planning and Peacekeeping Missions Division of the Uniformed Police Directorate of the General Police Directorate. Lesjak already has experience in missions, having been to OVSE and PROXIMA missions in Macedonia.

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  • Police Officer Alojz Mulec, employed at the Police Station Dravograd. He already has experience in peacekeeping missions, having been to to UNMIK mission in Kosovo.

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  • Assistant Commander Zdravko Slavec, employed at the Police Station Sežana in the Police Directorate Koper. He already has experience in EUPM mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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The reception was also attended by Danijel Žibret, Director of Uniformed Police Directorate at the General Police Directorate, and Marko Rode, duly authorised by Head of the Peacekeeping Missions Section.