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Slovenia is hosting six representatives of the Palestinian national police, who arrived for a six-day training to benefit from the experience and knowledge of the Slovenian police on devising and implementing a code of police ethics.

The study visit is organised in the framework of an international civilian mission, i.e. EUPOL COPPS mission, which carries out different projects of assistance in building the security system, including the Palestinian police, in the Palestinian territories. Several EU member states have participated and assisted the mission in the organisation and implementation of projects.  

Upon initiative of the Slovenian police contingent and with the support from the mission and United Nations Development Programme, which contributed funds, a training course was organised between 8 and 13 September 2013 for six Palestinian officers of middle and higher management. Upon their return, the training participants will train their colleagues in Palestine.

The programme was prepared by the Integrity and Ethics Committee of the Police and implemented in cooperation with other police units both from the national and regional levels as well as with external partners from the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security.


According to the head of the Committee Robert Šumi, from the Police Powers and Prevention Division of the Service of th

Robert Urek, one of the two Slovenian police officers in EUPOL COPPS in Palestine, said that capacity building of the Palestinian police with an emphasis on the implementation of an ethical code is very important as in the area where the mission is active there is a marked absence of legislation on police work.

RobertUrekDuring the training the Palestinian police officers got concrete guidance and standards for the performance of all procedures carried out by police officers. This will lead to higher standards of the quality of policing for all recipients of police services in the West Bank.