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Director General of the Police Janko Goršek today received the Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Kosovo, Ismet Ibishi.

During the visit, the Kosovo delegation availed themselves of the opportunity to see the Operations and Communications Centre, where the representatives of Kosovo's Ministry of the Interior were brought up to speed on the organisation and operation of the operations and communications centres, the relevant software, and the work carried out with police emergency number 113. They were also acquainted with the Geographical Information System, which serves as a tool to assist in work organisation and planning. The guests then visited the Museum of the Slovenian Police, and concluded the trip with a visit to the Police Aviation Unit at Brnik, where they were familiarised with its organisation and operation.

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The purpose of Deputy Minister Ibishi's visit was also to discuss mutual cooperation between the police forces. As established by the ministers at today's meeting, cooperation between the Slovenian police and the Kosovo law enforcement authorities is very good, particularly in the fight against organised crime.

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