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On 8 May 2020, a new government ordinance came into force, amending and supplementing the existing border crossing rules on entry into Slovenia. In order to allow economic activities to resume operations on both sides of the Slovenian-Italian border, two additional road checkpoints at the border with Italy and a railway check point at the border with Austria (Å entilj) have been set up.

The following categories of travellers are permitted to cross the border with Italy at the check points in Nova Gorica (Erjavčeva Street) - Gorizia (Via San Gabriele) and Neblo - Valico di Venco: cross-border workers travelling back and forth on a daily basis, and persons holding certificates of local authorities permitting cross-border economic and agricultural activities or visits of close family members. The same regime is in operation at the check points Robič, Rateče and Predel.

The checkpoint Nova Gorica (Erjavčeva) starts operating tomorrow, 9 May 2020, and will be open each day from 6.00 to 21.00. Crossing the border at the checkpoint Neblo will also be possible as of Saturday, 9 May 2020, and the checkpoint will be open each day from 7.00 to 9.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00.

A new checkpoint has been also opened for railway transport between Austria and Slovenia: Šentilj ‒ Spielfeld (Eisenbahn). Railway connection is open all day for open freight trains (carrying goods vehicles and their drivers) into and out of Slovenia.

According to the amended ordinance, exceptions to the mandatory seven-day quarantine for passengers entering Slovenia now additionally include:

  • Cross-border workers travelling on a weekly basis who have a certificate of employment in the neighbouring country (until now, this was only applicable to weekly cross-border workers at the border with Austria) and
  • Cross-border workers travelling on a daily basis who have a planned medical examination or a medical procedure in Slovenia or a neighbouring country on the day of crossing the border and are able to produce a certificate to that effect (applicable to foreigners who have a medical examination in Slovenia and vice versa to Slovenians who have a medical examination in the neighbouring country).

According to the amended ordinance, the operating hours of individual checkpoints are determined by the Police with the consent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in agreement with the law enforcement authorities of the neighbouring countries. The list of the border crossing points and checkpoints is published on the website of the Police: Crossing the state border during the coronavirus epidemic.