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On today's press conference, the Minister of the Interior, Mr Dragutin Mate, and the Minister of Transport, Radovan Žerjav, M.Sc., presented the safety situation in road traffic and stressed that the implementation of the act had so far revealed that the aim had been achieved.

"Besides the reduced number of road traffic casualties, the aim of the amended Act was to positively influence the drivers so as to observe especially those traffic rules whose violations most frequently cause road accidents with the most fatal consequences," stressed Minister of Transport Radovan Žerjav.

080715 NK ZVCPMinisters Dragutin Mate and Radovan Žerjav at the press conference

Minister Mate said that "police officers on duty observe that drivers pay much more attention to the speed limits." He stressed the positive influence of the Act, which is proven also by statistical data. Thus 101 persons died in the first six months of this year, while the number in the same period of the last year was 134.

The Ministers presented further activities and joint efforts for the improved road transport safety.