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Between 15 September and 6 October a preventive campaign is taking place in Slovenia under the slogan Stop! Life Has Right of Way, designed to increased safety at level crossings.

The campaign is organised by the Ministry of Transport, which, in conjunction with other institutions and ministries, hopes to influence the behaviour of drivers and other road users and, indirectly, to reduce the number of accidents at level crossings.

The police are also taking part in the campaign:

  • through increased controls in the vicinity of level crossings, to ensure that road users observe the rules relating to level crossings, and
  • by stationing police vehicles, models of police vehicles and police officers in the vicinity of level crossings.

In 2007 10 people died in road accidents at level crossings, representing 3.5% of all road accident deaths.

The majority of accidents at level crossings occur on local roads where the number of level crossings is greatest.

The police advise:

Traffic regulations provide that a driver approaching a level crossing must proceed with particular caution and at a speed that allows him to stop in good time.

Level crossings without barriers are marked with a saltire (St Andrew's Cross).Drivers must stop before the crossing and ensure that it is safe to cross the railway line.

People should be aware that it is road users themselves who can do most for their own safety.

We therefore advise drivers to consistently observe the rules relating to level crossings!

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