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We advise all road users to drive especially carefully in case of strong rain, which these days is also occasionally accompanied by hail.  We warn the drivers that during a hailstorm they are not allowed to shelter in tunnels and under overpasses, instead they must adjust their driving speed to road conditions.

If you are on a motorway in these conditions, we advise you to leave the motorway at the nearest exit and then find a suitable place where sheltering is allowed.

Due to irresponsible behaviour of some drivers who, from fear that their car might be damaged, stop their vehicle or even turn around in a tunnel, leave it, reverse or drive in the opposite direction etc., congestions or dangerous collisions from behind and traffic accidents may occur.

Parking or stopping is also prohibited on the carriageway of a motorway or a road reserved for motor vehicles.

If a road user causes a traffic accident by committing a road traffic offence, except a traffic accident involving insignificant danger, he/she shall be punished for that offence with a fine of at least 200 euro.  5 penalty points shall also be imposed on the driver, and prohibition of use of a motor vehicle can also be imposed as provided for by Article 234 of the Road Traffic Safety Act.