At the Police Academy in Tacen, a hundred participants listened today to the papers of the today's panel of experts under the title Protection of and assistance to police officers. The introductory speech was held by Janko Goršek, Acting Director General of the Police.

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Among other things he said: "Police officers perform very demanding tasks 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.In your work you encounter various cases and situations, because of which you spend quite many nights without sleep. You are both commended and reprimanded, although in most cases you are not the right addressee ... Today's consultation is a point on your way at which we stop for a while and look back in order to find what must still be done to ensure that police officers in the field will know that we understand them, that we know how they feel in performing their work, and to advise them as to whom and how to turn for help."

At the panel of experts, which was attended by personnel officers, instructors of practical training, heads of various services and units, and representatives of the union, the following papers were presented:

  • Police officers at risk
  • Legal safety of police officers
  • Practice of psychosocial help up to now
  • Possibilities for rendering psychosocial help to police officers
  • Assaults on police officers - foreign and national studies
  • Psychosocial help - examples from practice
  • Roles of a police chaplain in offering protection and help to police officers

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