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During the summer tourist season, traffic safety deteriorates every year. The Police, the Ministry of Transport, and other actors have prepared 45 preventive and repressive measures with which they would like to ensure safety of road traffic in summer months as well.

On today's common press conference, the representative of the Transport Directorate, Directorate of the RS for Roads, the Council for Prevention and Road Safety Education and of the police have presented the interdepartmental plan of preventive activities that will take place from 1st June to 31st August. More on this topics in the press release of the Ministry of Transport.

In the opinion of some experts, road traffic safety in 2009 can deteriorate in comparison to 2008. First serious deteriorations can occur already in June.

Therefore, we would like to raise the degree of awareness of traffic participants and draw their attention  to dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and too fast or unadjusted driving on Slovenian roads.

To this end, we have prepared 34 preventive and 11 repressive measures, which are together with statistical data available on the website of the Ministry of Transport in the article entitles Safe summer on Slovenian roads.