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On 10 November 2009, the Director General of the Police, the Minister of Justice and the President of the Ljubljana District Court held a press conference at the Ministry of Justice concerning the bomb attack on the family dwelling of a District Court Judge in Radovljica.

They briefed the public on the circumstances and measures taken so far.

The Director General of the Police, Mr Janko GorÅ¡ek, summarised the information gathered by the Police before this press conference. An explosive device detonated in front of a house in Radovljica on 9 November at approximately 22.50. Several police patrols immediately arrived at the scene. According to expert analyses this was an explosive device with great destructive force.  Mr GorÅ¡ek emphasised that "the investigation of the crime scene is still on-going" and went on to say that the Police would apply all human resources and statutory measures at their disposal to track down the perpetrator or perpetrators and collect the necessary evidence.