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The work of the Police in 2013 was presented at today's press conference. According to Director General of the Police Stanislav Veniger, the Police were extremely effective, particularly in view of the fact that they had to operate in extremely difficult financial circumstances. The same financial situation has continued into 2014. 

As was emphasised by Director General Stanislav Veniger, the Police were extremely effective in their endeavours, especially in the light of a very tight budget. "Despite the difficult situation, we are aware of our fundamental mission and are making every effort to provide a high level of security in the country. This is demonstrated by successful work both of the criminal and uniformed police. I am extremely proud of my colleagues, who are doing a remarkably good job under unenviable circumstances," Veniger added.

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Last year police and criminal investigation officers cleared up 47.2 % of all criminal offences while the most serious crimes such as murder and manslaughter had a clear-up rate of almost 100 %. The police paid special attention to combating economic crime and corruption. Economic crime rate was thus 17.4 % of all criminal offences, which was the highest rate in the recent five years. According to Director General, road traffic safety is improving slowly but steadily, although the number of fatalities in Slovenia is still above the European average. The number of public order violations is on the decrease as well. In 2013, the work of police officers was significantly affected by legislative changes. The Police Tasks and Powers Act and the Organisation and Work of the Police Act have given even more autonomy to police directorates and police stations while also placing more emphasis on bringing the police closer to the local community.