There has been an increase in speeding and other traffic violations on Slovenia's motorways recently. There will therefore be stricter traffic control on motorways in Slovenia between 18 and 25 November.

This week and next week, the police will be tackling the most frequent violations on Slovenia's motorways. Stricter control on motorways will be performed by policemen using all available video surveillance devices, unmarked vehicles and police equipment. The Specialised Traffic Control Unit will be taking an active part as well.

In order to make our motorways safer, stricter control will be focused on speeding and intoxicated drivers. In addition, policemen will also be checking the observance of the Highway Code regarding changing lanes, using the overtaking lane, blinkers, safety distance, prohibited overtaking of lorries, use of vignettes and similar.

There have been 1,214 road traffic accidents on motorways by the end of October 2009; this may be 4% less than last year in the same period, but the consequences have been more severe. A total of 20 people were killed (compared to 6 last year in the same period), while 46 suffered serious injuries (last year 44) and 607 minor injuries (last year 487).