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On 20 April police officers throughout Slovenia started with a preventive campaign Speed. Namely, on Slovenian as well as European roads speed is the most frequent cause of traffic accidents, especially those with the worst consequences. Stricter control began this week also all over Europe within the context of a Pan-European police campaign for controlling speed, which is coordinated by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL). The main message is "speed kills".

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In accordance with the Resolution on the National Programme on Road Traffic Safety for the period 2007-2011, the operators of the campaign - police officers will intensively control speed on Slovenian roads until 28 April.

Campaign Speed will be carried out this year between 11 and 17 May, 29 June and 5 July and between 23 and 27 August

The main objectives of the campaign Speed are to reduce the number of fatalities as a result of excessive speed and respect for the speed limit regulations. The final purpose is to contribute to the greater safety of all road traffic participants. Speed control is especially important during spring time, when drivers of various motor vehicles begin to drive significantly faster and with less care due to warmer and drier weather, whilst at the same time there are more motorists on the roads in this period.

Excessive speed and speeding still present the largest Slovenian traffic and safety problem. As a consequence of traffic accidents, the priority task of the police is to decrease speeding in road traffic. This was also confirmed last year by the fact that the level of injuries in traffic accidents rises proportionally with speed.

In fact, 103 persons died, 408 were severely injured, and 2.696 obtained personal body injuries due to speeding on Slovenian roads in 2008.

The only proper method to decrease average speed is more consistent respect of speed limits as well as an appropriate adjustment of driving to the road conditions. This would save many lives in possible traffic accidents. With this campaign, we would like to influence the consciousness of people that they have the power to achieve most for their own safety and safety of other traffic participants.