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The first event that took place on 19 September 2009 in the Mercator Centre in Domžale has demonstrated that the idea of a healthy way of spending free time and of parties without alcohol found great support among people. To further increase the awareness about a healthy life style and road traffic safety, the Z glavo na zabavo (You Can Choose, Win or Lose) Foundation will organize events that will every Saturday until the end of November take place in Mercator Centres all over Slovenia where also the Slovenian Police will participate together with the Council for Prevention and Education in Road Traffic.

IMG 3752

On Saturday we partied, danced, sang and had great fun!

IMG 3834

Children learned about safety in road traffic in an entertaining manner.

IMG 3806

At such events, police officers will provide advice to young people and their parents about road traffic safety, warn them about the dangers of speeding and incautious driving, drink-driving or driving under the influence of illicit drugs, as well as highlight the importance of respecting road traffic regulations, buckling up and making pedestrians visible, etc. You will also be able to test your skills on a motorcycle simulator.

IMG 3874

Visitors have tested their skills on a motorcycle simulator - some more and some less successfully.

IMG 3939

Not everything is going swimmingly for police officers either!

Children and parents,, cordially invited!!

Some moments from the Saturday event in the Domžale Mercator Centre: