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Work with police horses 11 November 2021

In this year's protection and rescue days in Novo mesto between 15 and 17 October 2009, the police actively participated in the drill Krka 2009.

Besides police officers in the Operation and Communication Centre, police officers of general, traffic and criminal police as well as Special Unit police divers participated in the rescue drill of a severe traffic accident. Throughout the event, the police presented its work and equipment.

Since the opening of all exhibit places and showrooms on Thursday morning and until the closure on Saturday afternoon, the police exhibition in front of the administrative unit on Novi trg in Novo mesto was visited by numerous visitors of all ages.

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The President of the Government Borut Pahor, Minister for Defence Dr. Ljubica Jelušič and numerous other distinguished guests visited the exhibition

The crowd has strongly applauded the two officers who have several times shown how police officers use self-defence measures when under attack. When heavier manoeuvres were demonstrated, one could even hear screams of surprise of the visitors. Voluntary "violators" were also able to at least (partially) feel the pain and incapability. Fast moves and expert manoeuvres of police officers convinced everyone that no one will be able to deal with members of this police organisation.

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The demonstration of practical implementation of police procedures was highly interesting; however, the biggest crowd gathered in the room with a police officer on motorcycle who assisted interested visitors in driving a motorcycle simulator. Many visitors gathered also in the room with the criminal police officer who has shown the suitcase for the examination of the scene of criminal offence and an education suitcase with "samples" of illegal drugs. The latter police officer was also busy by taking fingerprints, which children gladly took home with them.

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Specialised police unit and the Special Unit also presented themselves. Many visitors tried on the equipment of the former, while the climbing and caving equipment of the Special Unit was primarily observed, although many questions were asked. The activities of this unit in connection with the exhibited equipment were almost unknown to visitors. They also weren't familiar as much with the work and equipment of police officers protecting the green border. However, they were convinced that the manual and mobile thermal imaging system provides great vision.

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One also couldn't miss the electronic firing range in front of the tent. Boys and girls were in abundance here, trying out in shooting as well as trying to improve their record times in shooting seven targets.

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Around 20 police officers never ran out of work in this really big exhibition place. They explained to visitors the operating of all kinds of speedometers; moreover, they showed the sharpness of spikes - aid for enforced stopping of vehicles, as well as the interior of a police vehicle. Visitors were also able to perform the alcohol test and test for the presence of psycho-active substances.

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Despite the cold, police officers on bicycle and motorcycle demonstrated their skills, while the service horses were also able to stretch their legs. Visitors approached the service animals with huge respect; however, visitors found out that police horses and dogs can be kind despite the tasks they perform; children were especially happy that they were able to pet the animals.

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The weather and exhibit space were appropriate to demonstrate the rescue operation of "an injured person" with a helicopter of the Police Aviation Unit. All visitors' attention was directed to the roof of one of the buildings in Novi trg, where three police officers - members of a special mountain police unit - used ropes to climb down and rescue the "injured person".

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In the exhibit space we also presented the work of police officers in international civil missions and the collection of police insignia from all over the world.

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A Quartet of the Police Orchestra also performed at the event.

In conversation with visitors, we provided advice on safe participation in traffic as well as on the subject what one can do for his own personal safety and protection of property. The snowboarder Rok Marguč, one of the top athletes employed in police, participated in this discussion.

The youngest visitors answered two questions on traffic safety on a small sheet, while teenagers and adults answered more demanding questions from the area of police work; following this, they all participated in a drawing lot for practical awards. Among the youngest visitors, 78 completed the small sheet; 15 children who answered correctly were drawn and received an award - teddy bear police officer. Among the teenagers and adults, 159 persons completed the questionnaire; however, only 49 in a correct way. 15 persons were drawn and received some police promotional material.

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The protection and rescue days were organised by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief in cooperation with the Municipality of Novo mesto. Slovenian Police is also part of the protection system against various disasters; therefore, we have answered their invitation and participated at the event.