police dogs

Short review of the Service Dog Training Section development 13 November 2019
Service Dog Training Section 13 November 2019
The Slovenian Police train two Kosovo police officers for working with service dogs 11 June 2012
Service dog handlers and their four-legged companions pit their skills at the 9th annual trials 2 June 2011
Police organise an exceptionally successful panel of experts on the use of service dogs 5 November 2009
Police officers in Novo mesto presented their role in protection and rescue operations 19 October 2009
The police presented itself in the Student arena 15 October 2009
In the end of the project Police Officer Leon Advises, the best contributions were exhibited and the pupils awarded 9 October 2009
Plenty interest for police work at the Children's Bazaar 11 September 2009
Presentation of the police at the AutoMotor Show 4 September 2009
7th annual test of police dog handlers 4 June 2009
Ceremony on the occasion of 60 years of training police service dogs, and the opening of new premises at Gmajnice 15 May 2009
The Frontex Agency Project Team draws up a manual for service dog handlers 10 February 2009
Representatives of the department for training police dogs and of the Uniformed Police Directorate visited their Croatian colleagues 27 October 2008
Police Presented at Student Arena 15 October 2008
Standardisation of police dog procedures in the protection of the external borders of the European Union 1 October 2008