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During the weekend, three persons died in road accidents on Slovenian roads - today the number of casualties is already four.

Due to the holiday week and nice weather, increased traffic can be expected, and irresponsible behaviour on the part of some road users may lead to an increasein the number of road accidents and their consequences.

Besides traffic management and ensuring optimal flow on the most burdened transit roads, the police will continue to perform active control of traffic on all other roads. Special attention will be paid to regional and local roads, where speeding, aggressive driving and, in some sections, incorrect behaviour of single-track vehicle drivers are common. Controls will be performed by all available policemen using all available technical devices. Controls will be performed in all work modes (uniformed patrols, civil patrols, use of technical devices, etc.).

All road users are advised to:

  • act responsibly in traffic, drive defensively and respect other road users;
  • respect traffic rules and traffic signs, especially those that concern speed limits, prohibitions of overtaking and maintaining safe distances;
  • use of safety belts in all seats while driving, and helmets on single-track vehicles;
  • not sit behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, psycho-active medications or drugs.

We wish all road users safe driving during the holidays and the coming holiday weekend.