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At today's press conference at the Ministry of Education and Sport, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Directorate for Transport at the Ministry of Transport, the Council for Prevention and Education in Road Traffic and the police jointly introduced their preventive activities in road traffic for the beginning of school year.

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The police activities were presented by Boštjan Smolej from the specialised unit for traffic control at the Uniformed Police Directorate at the General Police Directorate.

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As Smolej stressed, the safety of children in road traffic is one of most important police tasks, not only in the first days of September but also during the entire year. A lot of effort has been put into the provision and improvement of safety of children and teenagers in road traffic. Policemen carry out more than 3000 inspections of organised transport of children either to or from school or on trips. They log more than 2000 working hours for education of the youngest children and more than 1000 working hours in participation in administering cycling tests. All effort and time invested are of course repaid if our children are safe on the roads.

The police advise parents and drivers as follows:


Pay more attention to the road safety of your children during these and the coming days! Make sure about what your children are able to do, not only on the journey to school but also when you go for a walk, on a bike or in the car. Don't forget that your own actions are imitated by your children!

When driving children, protect them with safety belts or place them safely in the proper seats. Always use a seat belt yourself!


As road participants, be especially aware of children and their unpredictability, and adjust your driving appropriately! Especially pay attention in the vicinity of kindergartens, schools and facilities where children might be playing (streets, parking lots.).

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