Today, all over the country a three-week preventive action Be careful and VISIBLE started with the intention to increase safety of pedestrians.

With the activities that will take place throughout the month, police officers would like to point out to pedestrians that it is important to be as visible as possible when participating in traffic - by wearing light-coloured clothes and reflective objects. Our appeal also goes to drivers to pay more attention to pedestrians.

During the winter when visibility is reduced due to early darkness or shorter daylight period and bad weather conditions (fog, snow and rain), pedestrians are among the most vulnerable traffic participants.

Police officers have established that pedestrians are often victims of road accidents caused by inappropriate behaviour of motor vehicle drivers (speeding, driving while under the influence of alcohol, staying to close to the right side of the road, driving with their car windows dirty or misted, etc.). Nevertheless, many road accidents are also caused by mistakes or improper behaviour of pedestrians. Particularly the elderly are often victims of road accidents due to their own mistakes or because they violate traffic codes.

Therefore pedestrians should endeavour to be as visible as possible when in traffic. They should wear light-coloured clothes and objects increasing their visibility, e.g. reflective arm bands or badges. They should respect traffic regulations, cross the road at marked pedestrian crosswalks and at traffic light crossings when the light is green, as well as use sidewalks or walk on the left side of the road.

In this period, drivers should pay even more attention to pedestrians. They should give way to pedestrians, adapt their speed to road conditions and always observe the speed limit. They should drive particularly carefully in areas where pedestrians normally walk (in the vicinity of schools and settlements). Outside settlements, they should drive in the middle of the driving lane to minimise the risk of collision with pedestrians walking along the side of the road.