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To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Slovenia's independence and determined resistance and protection of our country and nation, the central ceremony marking the Police Day was held yesterday, 27 June 2011, at the former border crossing point of Holmec. The speaker of honour was the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor. Director General of the Police Janko Goršek and president of the Sever Association Miha Molan also addressed the audience. Minister of the Interior Katarina Kresal attended the ceremony.

Prime Minister Borut Pahor said that the Slovenian nation had achieved a great deal in the two decades of its statehood. He pointed out that 'the idea of an independent state was born amid serious doubts and criticism of the majority, as it was an idea that at first did not seem possible'. He praised 'the courage of the police and territorial defence, which protected the independence process from aggression, for which they deserve to be honoured'.


According to Director General of the Police Janko Goršek, the venue of the ceremony, i.e. Holmec, symbolises everything that makes us proud of the events of 20 years ago. It symbolises the demand of a nation to decide on its fate, it symbolises determination, unity, prudence and resolution. Two decades ago the Slovenian police stepped on the first line of defence. People's trust has turned the police into an unstoppable force. 'Today we live in a different time. The difficult economic situation makes people anxious and disappointed. Unfortunately, the police force has found itself in this unenviable position ?This period has been very trying for us. The police have to prove ourselves constantly and often we are a catalyst for social difficulties and personal fears. Nevertheless, we are as unfailing in our mission as ever. The police remain there for the citizens, through thick and thin,' added Goršek.


Director General of the Police Janko Goršek presented awards to police officers.

Bojan Majcen and Varna pot Institute received the Silver Badge of Cooperation of the Police. 

Emil Hajdinjak, Peter Pungartnik and Robert Videc were awarded Gold Shields of the Police.

Zoran Mušič, Maks Oblak, Janez Portir and Marjan Vrbnjak received Grand Shields of the Police with the Bronze Star.


Police Day

The memory of police officers who lost their lives at Holmec was honoured by unveiling a memorial. The president of Sever, the police veteran association, Miha Molan said that 'the memorial will serve to remind the future generations of the pointlessness of wars and necessity of solving conflicts in a peaceful and tolerant way'.


Also taking part in the ceremony were the Police Orchestra, Air Support Police Unit, Special Unit, Ljubljana Mounted Police Station and standards bearers of the Slovenian police, Union of the Police Veteran Associations Sever and the Manoeuvres Structures of National Protection.