awards ceremony

97 heroes awarded police medals for selflessness and bravery 3 April 2024
Celebration of the Police Day and opening of new Forensic Laboratory building 24 June 2015
Medals in recognition of bravery and self-sacrifice for 33 officers and 15 citizens 23 December 2014
Slovenian Police Receive Transparency Ambassador Award 29 September 2014
Slovenian Hero 2013 is police officer Andrej Kovač 7 March 2014
Best Athletes Employed with the Slovenian Police 20 December 2013
Veniger: "Slovenian police are an organisation with tradition; its employees give meaning to the word security." 27 June 2013
Anniversary of Slovenian Police Red Panthers 22 May 2013
Memorial opened at the Ljubljana Airport Police Station to mark the 20th anniversary of independence 1 July 2011
"The sky is only blue in the sun, the police also in the dark" - the main ceremony marking the Police Day 28 June 2011
The Police receive Golden Order for Services 23 June 2011
Service dog handlers and their four-legged companions pit their skills at the 9th annual trials 2 June 2011
Awards for the best evaluated examples of good practice from 2010 were awarded among the Police 4 May 2011
22 police officers trained and ready to be deployed in missions 29 October 2010
Reception for police officers who distinguished themselves through unselfish and extraordinary acts 20 January 2010
In the end of the project Police Officer Leon Advises, the best contributions were exhibited and the pupils awarded 9 October 2009
Commemorative badges for the 21st generation of police officers who completed their studies in the emergency situation in June 1991 26 June 2009
Ceremony on the occasion of 60 years of training police service dogs, and the opening of new premises at Gmajnice 15 May 2009
Slovenian police officers in Kosovo celebrate Independence and Unity Day 30 December 2008
Memorial day ceremony of the Sever Association and reception for police officers wounded during the war of independence 1 December 2008
Conferral of police awards 7 November 2008
Brave police officers and a citizen receive police medals for bravery and self-sacrifice 5 November 2008
Police merit awards presented during official ceremony 19 June 2008
President of the Republic of Slovenia receives police officers and service members of the Slovenian Armed Forces on the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers 29 May 2008
Decoration of Slovene Police Officers in Kosovo 21 October 2005