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Slovenian police officers are to join the Clean up the World 2012 campaign, which is scheduled to take place on 24 March 2012.

Aware of the importance of environmental protection, the Police are getting involved in projects that contribute to greater security and the improved quality of our citizens' lives. After having successfully participated in the Let's Clean up Slovenia in One Day project, we have therefore decided to join the Clean up the World 2012 campaign.

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Among the 250 000 volunteers (according to organisers) who joined in the efforts to clean up Slovenia last year, many Slovenian police officers and other police employees played an active role in the project. Many got involved in their spare time, tackling the cleaning up of waste, either on their own or within the framework of various fishing and hunting associations, diving clubs, mountaineering associations and local communities.

As early as the beginning of February, which is when the Police became a partner in the campaign, the police directorates in Slovenia began making records of the illegal dumping sites learned about by officers during the course of their duties, which they either discovered themselves or were informed about by the citizens. Within the scope of their powers, the Police also ensured greater security and a smoother flow of traffic, as well as the preservation of public order.

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Combating ecological crime currently ranks high among the Police's priorities.

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