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The European Night Without Accident campaign, which was held on 14 and 15 October 2011, was also joined by police officers participating in prevention activities.

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The main objective of the campaign was to encourage a proper and responsible attitude towards road traffic safety, particularly among young road users. Students participating in the campaign informed other young adults on the importance of having the right attitude to alcohol, illicit drugs and other substances and on driving responsibly. The campaign is particularly aimed at young adults, who, given their carefree lifestyle, represent a high-risk group among drivers. This is why the activities were mainly held in popular young-adult hangouts on Friday nights.

Young adults are increasingly aware of the importance of road traffic safety and of the consequences of irresponsible behaviour. 'We have to convince everyone that drink driving is unacceptable, which is why police officers welcome this initiative and are also participating this year,' explained mag. Ivan Kapun, Head of Traffic Police Division at the General Police Directorate.

During the course of their work, police officers propagate the idea that drinking and driving are entirely incompatible and carry out increased checks of drivers' psycho-physical condition. Where the breathalyser tests showed 0.0 milligrams of alcohol per litre of exhaled air, the driver was rewarded.