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Police officers and other police employees were among those who contributed to the success of the Let's Clean Slovenia 2012 project. On Saturday, 24 March 2012, at least 700 police employees took part in the clean-up in their spare time.

DSC00201As part of their regular work and stepped-up inspections almost 400 police officers participated in the project in the last weeks. In 2010 the police identified almost 400 illegal dumping sites, followed by an additional 80 this year. 


During the project police units linked up with fishing, hunting and fire-fighting associations, local communities, city precincts, sporting, cultural and tourist associations, primary schools and municipalities. 

In 18 cases police officers were informed of a discovery of unexploded ordnance. In several cases they were informed of discoveries of objects originating from criminal offences.


In order to prevent illegal dumping of waste, police officer monitored the areas of illegal dumping grounds during the campaign. They were joined by inspectors of the Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for the Environment and Spatial Planning.