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In remembrance of the determined resistance of police officers and their protection of their country and nation, the police chose 27 June as their day. Police Day is commemorated every year. This year's central celebration to honour the role of Slovenian police officers in gaining independence was held on 27 June 2013 at the Brdo pri Kranju congress centre.


Director General of the Police Stanislav Veniger said in his address that "even though the society may not enjoy the prosperity one would wish for, Slovenia has preserved and retained one of the most important values of a democratic country. It remains an 'oasis' of security and peace, which is proved by numerous international indexes placing it among the safest countries in the world. I can firmly say that this is also because of professional and effective work of the Slovenian police."

Minister of the Interior Dr Gregor Virant said that "even in this all-encompassing crisis of trust the Slovenian police still belong among the institutions citizens trust most. According to a recent opinion poll by the Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre, the police came third, immediately after the President and the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption." He added that the police must do everything they can to retain and increase people's trust in them. The public sees them as one of the key organisations that should bring back a sense of justice and equality before the law, which is sorely missing at the moment.

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A number of police units are celebrating big anniversaries this year. Not long ago the Special Unit celebrated its 40th anniversary, and the Police Orchestra has been around for 65 years. During this time it has developed a recognisable musical expression and contributed to the reputation of the Slovenian police at home and internationally. Led by conductor Tomaž Kmetič, it again took us to the wonderful world of music. There was also an exhibition on the Police Orchestra on display in the Congress Centre foyer.