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Special Police Unit 19 March 2021

The police are again this year presented at the Student Arena, the biggest educational fair for young people in Slovenia, which is taking place, for the ninth year, in October at the Gospodarsko razstavi┼í─Źe fairgrounds in Ljubljana.

IMG 6253

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In the indoor exhibition area and at the outdoor platform of the Gospodarsko razstavi┼í─Źe fairgrounds, police officers and inspectors from the police administrations Ljubljana, Postojna and Kranj and from the General Police Administration are presenting to visitors, primarily young people - high school and college students -, different interesting fields of police work, with promotional and preventive presentations: traffic, public order, crime, participation in peacekeeping missions, employment in the police, work of the Forensics Centre, Special Police Unit, the security and protection office, the department for top athletes, police equipment and vehicles, mountain rescue with the helicopter of the Police Aviation Unit, etc.

IMG 6276Presentation of work and equipment of the Specialised Police Unit.

IMG 6110IMG 6092

A traffic officer explains to a visitor the proper way of getting on a motorcycle, the right photo shows a police office slaloming around obstacles.

IMG 6213 Police officers of the Police Aviation Unit, Mountain Police Unit and Special Police Unit demonstrated rescuing with police helicopter.

Throughout the entire fair, experts from individual areas of police work provided advice to visitors and answered their questions about security and police activities.

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IMG 6048 Members of the Police Orchestra played at the opening ceremony

IMG 6125The Student Arena was also visited by famous Slovenian athletes employed in the police. In the photo: judoists Rok Drak┼íi─Ź, employed in the police, and Lucija Polavder, employed in the Slovenian Armed Forces.

IMG 6295Presentation of work and equipment of the police dog-handling unit.

The event takes place every day between noon and 7 PM; admission is free of charge.

You are welcome to see the exhibition area at the Gospodarsko razstavi┼í─Źe fairgrounds in Ljubljana.