traffic control

Bus traffic roadside enforcement carried out by police and inspection authorities 13 April 2023
Police stop several foreign freight vehicles on Slovenian motorways 10 March 2023
European Transport Commissioner Discusses Slovenian Road Safety with Director-General of the Police 5 April 2019
A Working Meeting of European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Police of the Republic of Slovenia 23 July 2018
STCU introduced a new approach for higher traffic safety 14 August 2014
Police officers present a new method of measuring speed on motorways 23 August 2011
Four Romanian police officers cooperate in cargo vehicles control in Slovenia 19 October 2010
Trial introduction of a new traffic control concept in Celje Police Directorate 15 December 2009
During summer holidays, occasional traffic jams can occur - warning to drivers before travelling 26 June 2009
Drivers, drive slowly, patiently and carefully during traffic jams! 22 June 2009
Control of the traffic of goods vehicles is an everyday task of the specialized unit for traffic control 20 April 2009
International Credit Card campaign - the police, the customs and the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS) take part in finding stolen vehicles 13 March 2009
Ceremonious Handover of New Patrol Vehicles for Traffic Control 18 July 2008
Activities of the Police within the framework of the upcoming implementation of the toll-collection system with vignettes on toll roads 27 June 2008