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Police officers of the Specialised Unit for Traffic Control have detected several violations involving freight vehicles in road traffic during the traffic control campaign on the Slovenian motorway network.

tahografi senp 6

Manipulated tachographs recording incorrect data

In the scope of the traffic control campaign, the officers stopped three groups of foreign freight company vehicles. They detected irregularities while carrying out controls of the recording devices (tachographs), which confirmed the suspicion that the devices were working incorrectly and recording wrong information.

The officers sent a tachograph into examination at the authorised tachograph workshop, where it was confirmed that the recording device and its elements had been tempered with to record wrong speed values; i.e., other modified values. The examination showed that the motion sensor had been modified with an inserted microchip, which enabled the use of a remote control for tempering. The police confiscated the full set of the equipment used for the modification.

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Non-functioning breaking systems

The officers also checked freight vehicles for transport of vehicles and detected the suspicion of incorrectly functioning vehicle stopping devices, as the light on the dashboard signalling a fault in the ABS systems was on. While carrying out the check, they sensed a strong smell of overheated break discs and high temperature in the breaking system. Using a diagnostic device, they confirmed that the vehicle's selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system was not working. The police ordered an extraordinary technical inspection of the vehicle, the results of which confirmed worn out break discs. It was also confirmed that the break system of the trailer loaded with vehicles did not have a flawless breaking system and that the breaks were not working.

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Overburdened and tired drivers in technically unroadworthy vehicles a danger to all road users

The described deviant practices result in false and incorrect display of the drivers' driving time, which would otherwise exceed the permitted limits. Overburdened and tired drivers in technically unroadworthy vehicles are a risk in road traffic, whereas the described manipulations also create unfair competition in the freight transport sector.

Heavy fines for violations

Heavy fines are correspondingly prescribed if irregular functioning of tachographs is detected and confirmed, reaching a maximum 5,000 EUR for natural persons and up to 24,000 EUR for private entities.
Detection of tempered tachographs requires specialised expert and technical knowledge and specialised technical equipment. It involves the workshops for technical inspections as well as tachograph workshops.

Road traffic police officers receive regular training for detection of these offences as well as specific technical equipment. Similar traffic control activities are set to continue and intensify with the view of improving the safety of all the users of Slovenian roads.