athletes in the Police

Excellent season 2014/2015 for Tina Maze and Peter Prevc 25 March 2015
Veniger Receives Canoe Slalom Vice World Champion Savšek 26 September 2014
Best Athletes Employed with the Slovenian Police 20 December 2013
Youngsters should be aware that violence is unacceptable 25 November 2013
Congratulations to Kranjec, Tepeš and Marguč 25 April 2013
Heartiest congratulations to amazing Tina Maze and her team 19 March 2013
An incredible weekend for the athletes employed with the police 28 January 2013
Slovenian team strike double gold at World Police Judo Championship 2 October 2012
Goršek and Gorenak receive top athletes - police employees and participants in the Summer Olympic Games in London 14 August 2012
Four police officers participate in the European Judo Championships - Rok Drakšič wins bronze 29 April 2012
Gorenak and Goršek congratulate Slovenian ski jumpers on spectacular achievement 28 February 2012
Director General of the Police hosts a reception for World Champion in long-distance mountain-running challenge 14 July 2011
Brajnik Memorial Race, a competition of will power and perseverance 17 June 2011
Reception for European police judo champions 14 June 2011
Medals for Slovenian Police Officers at the European Police Championships in Judo 17 May 2011
Reception for police officers who distinguished themselves through unselfish and extraordinary acts 20 January 2010
The police presented itself in the Student arena 15 October 2009
Plenty interest for police work at the Children's Bazaar 11 September 2009
Reception for Rok Kolander, a top athlete employed with the police 3 September 2009
Let journey to school be safe throughout the year! 1 September 2009
Participants of the 16th Brajnik Memorial were able to master the most demanding tasks 16 June 2009
Children from the Jelka nursery school played at the Police Academy in Tacen 29 May 2009
Police Games have started! 21 May 2009
Reception of Marko Fon, the police officer who has exelled in the DOS 2009 19 May 2009
Reception for the sportswoman of the year and the best swimmers employed by the police 24 December 2008
Dangerous influence of alcohol on driving, and policing during the holidays 19 December 2008
Mankoč, Markič and Tahirovič among the best again 16 December 2008
Police Presented at Student Arena 15 October 2008
Sara Isakovič won silver! 13 August 2008
Top sportsmen employed by the police to take part in the Summer Olympics 8 August 2008
Sara Isaković - Swimmer Employed in the Police - Achieves New Slovenian Record and Second Result of the Season in the World 14 July 2008
Swimmers, Top Athletes Employed by the Police, Return to Slovenia after a Successful Competition 25 March 2008