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Traffic on already congested roads is expected to be even heavier because of school vacations next week and two holidays (Reformation Day on 31 October and All Saints' Day on 1 November).

Because of periodic jams on the main transit routes, traffic on parallel roads is also becoming exceptionally heavy. Traffic is also expected to be congested around cemeteries where people visit graves and attend memorial ceremonies.

In addition to traffic jams caused primarily by repair and maintenance works, this period of the year also brings adverse weather conditions and, consequently, driving conditions and reduced visibility, which is dangerous both for drivers and pedestrians.

In order to avoid traffic accidents and their dire consequences, which are too often the result of the careless and irresponsible behaviour of certain road users, we advise drivers to:

  • follow traffic rules and signalisation, especially those related to speed limits, prohibition on overtaking and safety distance, and also signs given by police officers,
  • look up information on possible congestion before they take trips, choose other, less congested roads, and pay attention to updated information about road conditions (,
  • remain patient when we meet congestions; do not to try to avoid them by violating traffic rules and norms,
  • drive defensively and respect other road users,
  • always use seat belts for all seats, and use safety helmets when riding motorcycles,
  • not to drive if they have previously consumed alcoholic beverages, psychoactive drugs or narcotics.

Police officers will take adequate measures against violators of road traffic regulations, arrange traffic and secure the better flow of traffic in accordance with possibilities, and will be available to assist and advise drivers on which roads to take in order to avoid congestion. They will pay particular attention to regional and local roads, where speeding, aggressive driving, and inappropriate behaviour by divers of single-track vehicles is more likely.

Cautious and responsible behaviour is also expected from pedestrians, who are the most endangered traffic participants in this period of shorter days, bad weather, rain or fog, and reduced visibility on roads. Be careful and VISIBLE! We advise you to wear bright clothes, reflective items, and walk on paths reserved for pedestrians.

Drivers must pay particular attention to pedestrians. Adjust your speed to weather conditions, primarily on wet surfaces, and morning or evening darkness and fog, which additionally reduces visibility. Pay special attention to children, older people, and blind, deaf and other disabled persons participating in road traffic, who demand extremely cautious and defensive driving.

Attention to cyclists. Cyclists are frequent victims of other road traffic participants, most usually of speeding drivers and those who drive under the influence. Their paths are often blocked by incorrectly parked vehicles. Cyclists are poorly visible on the road, and their visibility is inversely proportional to their speed: the faster they go, less visible they are. This is why they should be careful when they ride their bicycles and take care of their own safety, taking into account the following rules and advice: Bicycle safety!.

We wish safe October holidays to all traffic participants!