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This week, from 26 to 30 October, the Special Unit of the General Police Directorate took part in the international tactical exercise Pivka 2008.

Within the context of Atlas, the international network of special intervention units in the European Union, special units from other EU Member States joined their Slovenian colleagues in the exercise (ten officers each from Austria's Cobra unit, Poland's Boa unit and Lithuania's Aras unit). Two representatives of Slovakia's Lynx unit and Portugal's Goa unit also took part within the context of the structures working group.


Pivka09 The exercise was observed by police director general Jože Romšek and his deputy Matjaž Šinkovec (in the photograph with the deputy commander of the Special Unit Milan Pleško)

Members of these units underwent training at several locations in Slovenia (Pivka, Postojna, Gotenica). The exercise included a simulation of a mass hostage-taking situation involving the use of explosives.

Special Unit commander Marjan Anzeljc considered the exercise a success: the 'specials' disarmed the terrorists and rescued the hostages, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and training and excellent readiness for demanding situations of this kind.

Pivka17 Planning the rescue of hostages

Pivka19Ready for action



Pivka16 Police surround the building occupied by terrorists



Pivka13 The hostages


Pivka04 Members of Aras about to enter the room where the hostages are being held


Pivka28 Rapid action by officers of Slovenia's Special Unit


Pivka11 Members of Austria's Cobra unit keeping guard





Pivka06 Members of Polish special unit BOA disarming the terrorists

pivka33 A bomb squad officer from the Special Unit searches a terrorist

Pivka27 Handover of hostages


Pivka20 Treating the 'wounded'


Photo: Milan Tomažin, Special Unit