international cooperation

International cooperation strengthened by a new police attaché in Italy 25 January 2023
Croatian officers helping Slovenian police in selected ski areas 6 January 2023
Railpol Strategic Council meeting hosted by the Slovenian Police brings together 27 representatives from 15 European countries 24 November 2022
International conference on prevention of people smuggling held in Portorož 18 November 2022
Slovenian police successful in addressing smuggling of illicit drugs thanks to efficient international cooperation 6 October 2022
Counter-terrorism remains high on the agenda of the Slovenian Police 9 September 2022
Renewed police cooperation agreement to be concluded after several years 29 August 2022
Italian Police Attaché Giulio Meddi pays a visit to the Slovenian police 21 July 2022
Slovenian police partake in the preparations for establishment of Serbian national Sirene Bureau 11 July 2022
Three Slovenian police officers to assist in procedures with Slovenian tourists depart for Croatia 7 July 2022
Return is one of key pillars of an effective migration policy 22 June 2022
International action 24-Blue RAD with increased railway traffic control from 14 to 20 March in Slovenia 14 March 2022
Europol Management Board work programme and budget meeting 15 December 2021
The meeting of the Board of National Representatives of the EUCPN and implementation of the Best Practice Conference 9 December 2021
European Crime Prevention Network experts on integrating skills and practices to prevent crime among EU Member States 16 November 2021
International civil missions 12 November 2021
International Cooperation 12 November 2021
Heads of SIRENE Bureaux at informal meeting on new developments in the Schengen Information System to enhance security in the EU 26 October 2021
Chief of Montenegrin police with colleagues visits the Slovenian police 29 July 2021
Informal COSI meeting centres on topics of major importance for the future operation of law enforcement in the EU 8 July 2021
With financial investigations and Slovenian development aid, resolutely over crime in North Macedonia 8 July 2021
Hungarian Police officers who are going to assist Slovenian officers in protection of the Schengen border start work at police station Cerknica 22 June 2021
Serbia and Slovenia have joined forces in managing patrols and responding to police needs 21 June 2021
Slovenian police officers to be assisted by 21 colleagues from other Member States 10 May 2021
Police attaché in North Macedonia conveys to minister Hojs a message of appreciation from the Macedonian interior ministry 25 May 2020
Slovenian and Croatian police chiefs meet in Zagreb to discuss cooperation and anti-Covid-19 measures 20 May 2020
Videoconference of Directors General of the Police and Border Services in connection to the spread of the novel coronavirus - conclusions 19 March 2020
European Transport Commissioner Discusses Slovenian Road Safety with Director-General of the Police 5 April 2019
Over 1500 money mules identified in worldwide money laundering sting 4 December 2018
Eleven Arrests in Successful Hit against Sports Corruption in Multiple European Member States 19 December 2017
PM Cerar: Commission has prepared more detailed guidelines for systematic border checks at Slovenia's suggestion 3 May 2017
Ljubljana criminal investigators successfully conclude illegal firearms trade investigation 20 December 2016
Slovenian development assistance for Macedonia in progress - to reach more success in investigation of corruption cases 16 September 2016
Security and other measures accompanying the Russian Chapel ceremony executed flawlessly 30 July 2016
We would like to remind road users that difficulties in traffic are expected on 30 July 2016 in Ljubljana and the Gorenjska region - information update 22 July 2016
Interpol calls for public's help in operation targeting people smugglers 23 June 2016
Police cooperation and crisis management 30 July 2018
Slovenian police officers deployed to Greece 29 April 2016
Police work during migrant crisis 11 April 2016
A fourth group of police officers deployed to Macedonia 29 March 2016
Police Academy hosts European Network of Policewomen meeting 15 March 2016
Second Slovakian contingent completes its mission in Slovenia 4 March 2016
The objective of the common agreement on daily transit restriction is an effective management of current migration flows 26 February 2016
A third group of Slovenian officers deployed to Macedonia 25 February 2016
The first group of eight migrants return home voluntarily 25 February 2016
Fank: Uniform profiling for more effective regulation and reduction of migration flow 18 February 2016
Another six officers deployed to Macedonia 10 February 2016
We are still handing over migrants to Austrians as usual 20 January 2016
Latvian and Austrian police contingents complete their mission 7 January 2016
Six police officers to help Macedonian police 4 January 2016