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This week the police officers going to a peace mission in Jordan completed their training.

Aleš Grudnik, Andrej Casar and Matej Velikonja from the Uniformed Police Directorate, Marko Rode from the Service of the Director General of the Police of the General Police Directorate and Boštjan Težak from the Ljubljana Police Directorate will start work in the peace mission on 1 February 2005, replacing Branko Stermecki, Aleksander Majhen, Sašo Pikon, Zlatko Fišer and Damjan Žgajnar, whose one-year term in the JIPTC finishes on 1 February 2005. Like the instructors so far the new team will participate in the training of Iraqi police officers in the Jordan police centre in Amman.

In the final part of their preparatory training the police officers learnt about the security and political conditions in the region and of specific features of the region. The instructors emphasized how important it is that they exercise extreme caution when living in working in another country. The journalist Valentin Areh talked to them about his practical experience of working in Iraq so that they could picture the concrete situation better.

jordanija2 Honorary Consul General of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Mr. Samir Amarin, presented in detail the country that will be their home for a year

On Wednesday, 12 January 2005, the Honorary Consul General of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Mr. Samir Amarin, attended the training and presented his country to the police officers in a relaxed way; what is the situation in Jordan, its cultural, linguistic, gastronomic and other characteristics. Mr. Amarin was pleased to be able to help; he also promised assistance and support during their stay in Jordan. He pointed out several times that his country is safe, as safety is their biggest capital. "I am honoured to have been invited and to be able to present my country to you. The police officers who participate in peace missions are ambassadors of humanity in the world and ambassadors of your country. I am pleased that today we clarified some questions and dilemmas you had about safety in Jordan. It is a safe and friendly country and I am glad you are going there. I hope and wish that the cooperation between Slovenia and Jordan will expand in all fields."

jordanija1 Chatting with police officers

In Gotenica the police officers also received visits from Mr. Dragutin Mate, the Minister of the Interior, and Dr. Darko Anželj, the Director General of the Police. The Minister said that he was convinced the officers were going to a country that is safe and visitor-friendly. He told the officers he expected them to work well and promised to visit them there this year if his schedule permits. He also said that the Slovenes proved to be honest and fair in all the peace missions we took part in. Slovenian police officers always received the best marks for their professional approach to work. "I wish and am convinced that it will remain so in the future." The Minister thanked Mr. Amarin for taking his time to talk to the officers and help clarify the last dilemmas before their going to Jordan.

The Director General of the Police, Dr. Darko Anželj, wished the officers successful work and said he had no doubt that the Slovenian officers, like their predecessors in international peace missions, will do their job professionally and consolidate the reputation of the Slovenian police in the world.

jordanija3 The police officers going to the peace mission together with the Honorary Consul General of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Mr. Samir Amarin, the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Dragutin Mate, and the Director General of the Police Dr. Darko Anželj