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The Director General of the Police, Janko Goršek, and the Chief Director of the Croatian Police, Oliver Grbić, met on the island of Krk on 7 July 2011 and declared that the police are ready to engage in joint activities during the tourist season.

Together with their respective staff, they have reviewed and consolidated the existing arrangements in place between the border police during the tourist season: the exchange of information on increased traffic flows, the opening of extra lanes at border crossings, and 24/7 information exchange at all levels of police cooperation. 


The two police organisations have agreed to work closely in inter-hospital transfers implemented by the Slovenian Air Support Unit and to simplify the relevant border crossing procedures within legally permissible limits. This year, two Slovenian police officers will join their counterparts in the Istarska and Primorsko-Goranska counties in order to provide assistance to the Slovenian tourists staying there on holiday. According to statistics, last year over 680 000 Slovenian citizens spent their holidays in these two counties.

Slovenia and Croatia have also developed excellent levels of cooperation in other areas of policing. Several joint operations waged against drug traffickers were launched by crime investigators in both states and ended in success. Moreover, the police commissioners agreed to tackle the issue of increased illegal migration along the border with Croatia through improving data exchange, information management and other related activities. In a meeting scheduled to take place in September, experts in illegal migration from both States will define the details of this arrangement.


Yet another indicator of the existing strong levels of cooperation is the secondment of a joint Slovenian-Austrian-Croatian Police Attaché to Rome, Italy. His name is Roman Čoh and he has already submitted his first reports.

Upon the conclusion of the meeting, both directors expressed their satisfaction that the professional relationship and strong ties between their respective organisations have been enhanced with friendship.