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With the appropriate positioning of vehicles which are not involved in an accident on a motorway, we allow emergency vehicles faster access to the injured, which increases their chances of survival by 40%.

It is important that drivers leave enough space between the columns of vehicles that have stopped on motorway lanes to allow access for emergency vehicles. Fire-fighters, ambulance crew, police officers and maintenance workers will have the fastest and easiest access to the accident site if drivers in the overtaking lane move their vehicles as far as possible to the left, and if those in the traffic lane move their vehicles as far as possible to the right. Also keep adequate distance from the vehicle in front of you. Try to make the distance of a car's length. 

The emergency lane should remain empty! While the congestion lasts, drivers should remain in their vehicles and wait calmly for any further instructions. This also enables the quick movement of vehicles if necessary.


In the case of an accident?

If you are involved in an accident, or if you witness an accident, it is important that intervention and the elimination of the consequences start immediately. Please call one of the emergency telephone numbers (112 or 113), or use the nearest "Emergency call" system, and provide first aid to the injured.

DARS: Road Management