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On Monday 13 July, three Slovenian police officers are leaving for Croatia to help their Croatian colleagues perform police tasks with Slovenian citizens. Today they were received by Slovenia's Police Director General Marjan Fank.

IMG 6681

From left to right: Police Director General Marjan Fank, officers Gorazd Lipovšek, Robert Gabor and Jože Sudac, and Roman Čoh from the International Police Operations Division of the General Police Directorate

The officers leaving for Croatia are:

  • Robert Gabor from Lendava Police Station will be deployed in Pula Police Station (Police Directorate Istarska)
  • Gorazd Lipovšek from Trbovlje Police Station will be deployed in Novalja Police Station (Police Directorate Ličko-Senjska)
  • Jože Sudac from Metlika Police Station will be deployed in Krk Police Station (Police Directorate Primorsko-Goranska)

Slovenian officers will participate in police activities performed by Croatian police officers in relation to Slovenian nationals and in particular will facilitate communication with Slovenian tourists and give proposals on processing Slovenian nationals. In the performance of police tasks, they will wear Slovenian Police uniform and will not carry weapons, neither will they exercise police powers or implement measures under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Croatian Police.