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Unfortunately, the tourist season is always accompanied by heavy traffic towards tourist destinations, with frequent congestion on roads and at border crossings. Drivers are therefore advised to: follow the traffic information and get on the road on time! Be patient and observe traffic regulations, especially speed limits, and maintain an appropriate safety distance!

Drivers are advised to use less busy border crossing. At some border crossings, occasional long queues and waiting times for crossing the national border are common during holidays. Occasional traffic congestions are also possible on the roads leading to these border crossings.

Traffic congestion and longer queues of vehicles occur not only at border crossings, but also occasionally on various sections of the motorway intersection, either due to traffic accidents or reconstruction work.

In order to avoid dangers during such traffic congestions, we remind drivers that they must respect the posted traffic signals!

drawing of the sign: Motorway warning - Create an emergency corridorRules that drivers must follow during traffic congestions

  • In a traffic congestion, drivers must immediately establish an emergency corridor between the queues of vehicles, which is wide enough for the safe driving of intervention vehicles.
  • Driving, parking or stopping are prohibited on the shoulder, traffic lane and in tunnels; except in an emergency.

With standing queues of vehicles on motorways and other roads where traffic congestions occur, police officers will monitor and take consistent action against those overtaking, reversing or passing in shoulders or overtaking lanes, despite a traffic sign prohibiting overtaking!

We will also consistently take action against drivers of trucks or other vehicles who, due to slow driving, considerably lower than the maximum permitted speed, create queues of vehicles behind them and do not pull over at the first appropriate place. We will also take action against those who park trucks wrongly and do not comply with the provisions of the Order on road traffic restrictions.

aerial picture of heavy traffic on a motorwayWe also advise drivers:

  • Leave home on time.
  • Check the validity of your travel documents before departure!
  • Before leaving, check the technical faultlessness of the vehicle. Keep all equipment within reach in the car, such as light bulbs, safety triangle, reflective vest, first aid, etc.
  • Drive in an appropriate psycho-physical state, as alcohol, drugs, psychoactive drugs and other psychoactive substances, as well as fatigue, significantly affect safe and reliable participation in road traffic!
  • Due to possible traffic congestion and rush hour or heavier traffic, traffic accidents, road and toll station works, etc., monitor traffic information and, if possible, set off when there is no congestion on the roads. Information about conditions on state roads is published by the Traffic Information Center on its website, or can be reached by calling 1970 or 01 518 8 518.
  • If you cannot avoid the traffic congestion, remain patient and consistently follow the road traffic regulations.
  • Drive with sufficient safety distance and at a speed adapted to the driving conditions, and do not overtake!

We wish you safe driving!

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