Collect, Analyse, Organize, Evaluate, Share -
A Response to Challenges in Forensic Drugs Analyses (Short Project Title - Response)

About the Project

Systematic information on illicit drug markets and trafficking is still limited. Forensic drugs laboratories can provide such information via monitoring and profiling, identifying new psychoactive substances (NPS) and by evaluating other relevant data. Forensic information is the key factor for the strategic, operational, evidential and judicial purposes and influences the drugs supply reduction activities, planning, risk assessment and the coordination of actions at all EU levels. Prerequisite for this is the adequate forensic science infrastructure which meets the state-of-the-art science and technology criteria and enhanced cooperation between forensic labs and networking with other stakeholders in: collecting, analyzing, evaluating, organizing and sharing information and knowledge, through expert exchange, creating and updating common databases, developing the competencies of EU forensic labs and know-how transfer.


Grant agreement number: JUST/2013/ISEC/DRUGS/AG/6413

Duration: from 5th January  2015 until  4th  June 2017

The RESPONSE project will address two specific topics of forensic drugs investigations:

  • New psychoactive substances identification where lack of availability of certified reference materials (CRM) and specific reliable spectra databases MS and FTIR are the main problem for accurate NPS identification

    For the NPS identification objectives are to provide essential, reliable data (NPS spectra) and tools (databases) to forensic labs, to enhance their identification capabilities and reliability of identification and to make NPS investigations more cost and time effective.

  • Drugs profiling where the main problem is the recognized gap between customers (law enforcement, judicial system, EU policy makers) needs and ForL capacities, methodologies and staff competencies.

    The objective  "profiling modules"  with a mentor based approach of  methodology development in combination with workshop assisted development of general drug profiling competences in EU labs, is to enhance general understanding of the profiling concepts and their use and to support the implementation of pact against drug trafficking and cross border law enforcement cooperation's.



  • Drugs monographs - New Psychoactive Substances and related compounds (NPS) - interactive database and Analytical reports

DISCLAIMER: Although the RESPONSE project makes an effort to review the accuracy of data, "Drugs monographs" database should only be used as a supporting (analytical) tool.





Collection of data, analytical activities and statistics - Reports



Meetings and Events (attendance/organization was planned in the framework of the RESPONSE project)

  • ENFSI DWG meeting combined by the RESPONSE project final meeting, May 9th - 13th, 2016, Bled, Slovenija

    The National Forensic Laboratory (NFL) of the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior - Police hosted 22nd ENFSI Drugs Working Group (ENFSI DWG) meeting taking place in Bled, Slovenia from May 10th- 12th, 2016. The aim of the meeting was to gather scientists from European Forensic Laboratories and guests from other relevant organizations all over the world, willing to share their thoughts, knowledge, skills, good practices and research projects in the area of forensic drug investigation. Over 80 registered scientists from 34  countries participated.

    The meeting was also an opportunity for communication and dissemination of the results and achievements of the EU co-funded project "RESPONSE"  and some other currently running projects.

    Conference was partially co-funded from the funds of the EU ?Prevention and Fight against Crime? programme (RESPONSE project ? AG JUST/2013/ISEC/DRUGS/AG/4000006413). We kindly acknowledge this!

    ENFSI DWG conference, May 10th- 12th

    RESPONSE PROJECT activities in Bled (9th-13th May, 2016)

    • Presentations at the ENFSI-DWG meeting (O1, O5, P4-P8)
      • Presentation 1:  Response to New Challenges in Forensic Analyses - Objectives and Some Selected Results  
      • Presentation 2:  New Psychoactive Substances Database  
      • Presentation 3:  Qualitative Determination of Residual Solvents in Cocaine Samples by Static Headspace-GC-MS  
      • Presentation 4:  Cannabis preparations for "self-medication" - chemical characterizations of some recently seized products  
      • Presentation 5:  HEROIN PROFILING ? methodology development and first impressions  
      • Presentation 6:  Novel NPS - Test Purchases Over the Internet - What is in the Package?  
      • Presentation 7:  The Role of the NFL in the Slovenian EWS and WIDER ? RESPONSE and I-SEE Projects  
    • SC committee and related meetings


  • RESPONSE project Steering Committee meeting combined with 7th European Conference of forensic science ( EAFS 2015), Sep 6th - 11th Prague, Czech Republic (activity closed)
    • About EAFS 2015 conference please see here:
    • RESPONSE project SC meeting agenda  
    • RESPONSE project SC meeting minutes  
    • RESPONSE project presentations at EAFS-2015 conference:
      • Presentation 1:   Collect, analyse, organize, evaluate, share – a RESPONSE to challenges in forensic drugs analyses project objectives and activities, S. Klemenc et all., EAFS Prague, 2015 (poster)
      • Presentation 2:   Synthetic cannabinoids - characteristic MS fragmentation patterns and FTIR spectra of some cumyl-indole, cumyl-indazole and cumyl-azaindole carboxamide analogues, S.Klemenc and T. Gostič, Prague, 2015 (poster)
      • Presentation 3:   A systematical methodology for finding novel NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) over the Internet, L. Ask Ask Reitzel et.all, EAFS Prague, 2015 (poster)
  • RESPONSE project Steering Committee meeting combined with ENFSI-DWG meeting, May 5th- May 8th, 2015, Dublin, Ireland (activity closed)
    • RESPONSE SC meeting agenda  
    • RESPONSE SC meeting minutes  
    • RESPONSE project  presentations at the conference:
      • Presentation 1:   Collect, analyse, organize, evaluate, share – a RESPONSE to challenges in forensic drugs analyses project objectives and activities, S. Klemenc, Dublin 2015
      • Presentation 2:   Slovenia at the cutting edge of new cumyl- derivatives and some other types of synthetic cannabinoids - by chance or by choice?, S. Klemenc, Dublin 2015
      • Presentation 3:   A systematical methodology for finding novel NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) on the Internet, N. Kahrle Atterlord et. all, Dublin 2015
  • Kick off meeting organized for the project managers/ financial managers by EU Commission, February 10th, 2015, Belgium (activity closed)
    • Agenda 
      (Other documents (presentations from EU commission) are avalable to project partners only.)
  • RESPONSE project Steering Committee "Kick off meeting", January 29th - January 30th, 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia (activity closed)


 Other Meetings and Events (where RESPONSE project presentations have been given) 




One Day One Topic Seminars (Slovenian audience only)


Enhanced analytical capacities in the Slovenian National Forensic Laboratory (NFL)





Partners (co-beneficiaries)

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Project manager

Dr. Sonja Klemenc
National Forensic Laboratory
Head of Chemistry Department (retired from 2023)
Vodovodna 95, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Contact details

Dr. Tomaž Gostič
National Forensic Laboratory
Head of Chemistry Department
Vodovodna 95, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.