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The Research and Social Skills Centre is responsible for research activity in the area of policing and for cooperation with other education and research institutions.

Research activity in the police includes general and applied research in the key areas of policing:

  • crime prevention and investigation;
  • general police tasks;
  • police specialities;
  • police organisation and management;
  • social skills.

In addition to doing its own research, the Research and Social Skills Centre also processes applications sent by interested parties, both individuals (students and researchers) and legal persons (education organisations and research institutions).In the period from 2014 to 2020 inclusive, 1299 applications were processed.

Cooperation with other education and research institutions encompasses joint performance of contractually agreed research activities in key areas of policing. Centre for Research and Social Skills has a standing cooperation agreement with:

  • Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security of the University of Maribor;
  • Faculty of Social sciences University of Ljubljana;
  • Faculty of Public Administration University of Ljubljana;
  • Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of law University of Ljubljana.

International cooperation in the field of research is conducted within the framework of scientific and research projects of the European Police Academy - Cepol. The Center for Research and Social Skills also participates in the international and innovative project IMPRODOVA - Improving Frontline Responses to High Impact Domestic Violence.

Research is done by a research team composed of four researchers employed with the Centre for Research and Social Skills. At the level of the Police there is a permanent Working Group for Research, which works on the development of research within the Police at the systemic, systematic, strategic and operational levels.