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It is the wish of the Slovenian police that EuroBasket 2013 matches should be played in the spirit of sportsmanship and respectful spectator behaviour. As we must provide safety to all visitors, we will be consistent in enforcing public order.

  • LipkoThe police and the organiser request all visitors to not attend matches if intoxicated for they may be banned from attending the event in accordance with Article 25 of the Public Assembly Act, despite holding tickets.
  • Visitors are requested to refrain from verbally assaulting the opposing team and their supporters, and to support their team respectfully. They should especially refrain from any violence whatsoever. No misbehaviour will be tolerated.
  • Visitors who need visas to enter Slovenia are requested to obtain them in time at Slovenian embassies in their countries.
  • Visitors from other countries not staying at hotels and other tourist facilities must report to the competent police station and register their stay in accordance with the Residence Registration Act within three days after entering Slovenia if they are staying longer than three days.
  • Visitors are advised to purchase tickets from authorised vendors, and to exercise caution to avoid buying fake tickets.
  • In the spirit of sportsmanship, let us all contribute to the success of Eurobasket 2013 by not allowing violence and intolerance at matches.
  • In accordance with Article 62 of the Police Tasks and Powers Act the police may impose a measure of prohibiting a person form attending sport events to persons who have been caught committing an act that involves a breach of public order and peace with elements of violence or a minor offence under the law governing public gatherings, or an act that includes elements of a criminal offence with elements of violence, and if there is a risk that they will continue with the commission of such acts. The measure is first issued verbally for a period of one year, after which police officers serve the person with a written order, which is sent for judicial review to the competent investigating magistrate ex officio. Persons who have been issued the measure prohibiting them to attend sport events will not be allowed to enter sports facilities where matches will be held even though they have purchased tickets for matches. Police officers will be assisted by the organiser's security personnel in preventing these persons from entering the venue.
  • Furthermore, if a group travels to a sports event and even before departure breaches public order at the place of departure or during the journey, police officers may order their travel to be interrupted or prohibit access to the venue of the sports event in accordance with Article 63 of the Police Tasks and Powers Act. The measure is issued verbally and the group may not continue their travel to the sports venue, even though they have purchased tickets. No formal document is issued in this case.

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