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Today, on 7 November 2008 the interior minister Dragutin Mate conferred the police service's highest awards on members of the police who have performed their duties with conspicuous zeal and efficiency.

As the minister pointed out during the ceremony, the winners of the awards have made a significant contribution to successes in disseminating security culture or in developing and strengthening security. He expressed his particular thanks to all the award winners for their work and their efforts in the performance of their duties over the past four years.

The procedure for conferring and wearing police awards is set out by the Rules on Police Awards (OJ RS, No 70/05). Proposals for awards are collected by a commission, which studies each proposal and submits to the director general of the police the names of those who meet the conditions for an award, and rejects those that do not. The decision to confer an award is made by the minister at the proposal of the police director general. The award consists of the symbol of the award, a substitute symbol and the award document.