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The Police Orchestra captured the audience in its traditional Christmas-New-Year Concert held in the Gallus Hall of Cankarjev dom last night.

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The speaker of honour on the night, Mrs Katarina Kresal, Minister of the Interior, addressed the audience with the following words: "I took up my duties managing the Ministry of the Interior firmly convinced that, across many areas, Slovenia's police have an excellent performance record and above all employ staff devoted to the work and keen to use their energy and implement new ideas in ensuring the safety of citizens of and visitors to the Republic of Slovenia. I consider it my duty to make my contribution within my competences, offering skills and fresh ideas to enable you to perform your work more easily and more efficiently in providing favourable safety conditions in the country. Such goals are worth fighting for together and actions will speak louder than words. I firmly believe that our mutual work will be successful."

IMG 9155 The minister wished participants in the event much happiness, success, mutual confidence, respect, efficient co-operation, strength and optimism in the forthcoming year.

Besides the excellent orchestra, conducted by Miro Saje, other performers, including the trio Eroika, the singers Irena Vrčkovnik and MatjaĆŸ Mrak (a member of the police force), and the dancer Ana Pandur, also captivated the audience.

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Miro Saje is conductor of the Slovenian Youth Wind Orchestra, works with the Slovenian Clarinet Choir occasionally, and since 2001 has been main conductor of the Police Orchestra.

IMG 9159The trio Eroika comprises singers with a classical education: MatjaĆŸ Robavs (baritone), AljaĆŸ Farasin (tenor) and Metod Ćœunec (tenor). Their success is a result of the combination of talent, refinement, vocal abilities and fresh treatment of evergreen music.

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Lately, Irena Vrčkovnik has been mainly involved in teaching and writing music for other performers. Next year, she intends to record a CD for children.

MatjaĆŸ Mrak works as a professional musician in the Police Orchestra and is a member of the pop/folk band Ć tajerskih 7. His success is reflected in the 15 CDs he has recorded.

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Ana Pandur is a dancer with a classical ballet education. As a child, she became interested inflamenco. She is a choreographer, teacher and the artistic manager of PKD Flamenko.

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After the concert, the Minister of the Interior, Katarina Kresal, and Deputy Director General of Police, MatjaĆŸ Ć inkovec, gave a reception for the invitees.

IMG 9212The minister surrounded by sportsmen employed in the police

IMG 9190 Prime Minister Borut Pahor was also captivated by the concert.

IMG 9188 Human Rights Ombudswoman Zdenka Čebaơek Travnik

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Police Orchestra. The anniversary was celebrated last April by a Gala Concert in Cankarjev dom, at which the most outstanding members of the orchestra were awarded memorial decorations.

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The Christmas-New Year Concert is the event with which the Police Orchestra closes the season. With their excellent performance, the orchestra thrills audience in crowded halls every year. We hope that they will be able to share their successes with their faithful audience in the future as well.

The recording of the concert will be broadcast by TV Slovenija 1 or 2 at 9 a.m. on 1 January 2009.