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On 11 October 2010, a three-week pre-deployment course for candidates for international peacekeeping missions began in the Police Training Centre Gotenica. At this occasion the organisers of the training course, the trainers and the participants were addressed by Deputy Director General of the Police Mag. Tatjana Bobnar.

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Nowadays, international peacekeeping missions and operations are more complex and demanding than they used to be. In addition to military control and provision of a safe environment, they include a number of civilian activities which are not part of regular police tasks. A high level of professional qualifications of all members of international peacekeeping missions is therefore required.

Bobnar expressed her conviction that the contents that would be taught in the following days would be instrumental in the participants' further engagement in international peacekeeping missions. She thanked the trainers for all the effort they invested, especially thanking the experts from other ministries and NGOs, as well as the representatives of foreign law enforcement agencies who had responded to the invitation to participate in the training either as trainers or as participants. She wished the latter safe and successful training.

The purpose of the training is for the participants to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for a more professional, safer and more efficient work in international peacekeeping missions. Among other, the participants will familiarise themselves with the types of work and standards of operation in international peacekeeping missions, as well as with the principles of peacekeeping interventions and the characteristics of crime in crisis areas. They will also be taught about security and protection measures as well as medical assistance and first aid. In addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge, they will also be trained in the field.

A special feature of this year's training is that it is being monitored and evaluated by a United Nations representative. The Slovenian police, in cooperation with the United Nations, are namely trying to receive international training recognition.

The Slovenian Police have participated in international peacekeeping missions since 1997; currently, 18 police officers are deployed in four missions: EUPM in Bosnia and Herzegovina, OVSE in the Republic of Serbia, EUMM in Georgia, and EULEX in Kosovo, which has the largest Slovenian contingent.