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On 28 February 2011, the director general of the police attended a preliminary ministerial conference on creating the conditions for setting up joint investigation teams for combating human trafficking in South Eastern Europe.


The purpose of establishing joint investigation teams is to find solutions for efficient harmonisation of national legislations and cooperation protocols as well as a continuous training of investigators.

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As Mr. Goršek pointed out during his speech, "Trafficking in human beings in all its various forms represents a global problem. Bearing this in mind and considering the principles of mutual cooperation, including on an operational level, we have defined the formation of joint investigation teams that could contribute to a prompter response and facilitate cooperation between competent authorities of the member states and accordingly to a successful investigation in such a complex area as a form of more effective action."

"Human trafficking falls within the responsibility of various bodies and organisations. In order to ensure maximum efficiency in preventing, identifying and investigating criminality of this kind, we should join our forces and take joint action" added Mr. Goršek.


In addition to Slovenia and Bulgaria, the project involves Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Romania and Moldova as partner countries and representatives of prosecution services of the countries of South Eastern Europe, Europol and Eurojust, national coordinators and representatives of international and non-governmental organisations in the area of combat against human trafficking.