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Janko Goršek, Director General of the Police, organised on 7 March 2011 a reception for police officers who had been awarded UN certificate for organisation and implementation of training of candidates for work in international civil missions.

Goršek received the representatives of the International Police Operations Division and of the Police Academy who organised and managed the basic training of police candidates for work in international civil missions. The United Nations Organisation awarded them a certificate for excellent organisation and implementation of the first internationally certified training programme.

On this occasion, Mr. Goršek commended his colleagues on their work by saying: "This certificate is an important recognition of the police work and, finally, also an expression of gratitude to our instructors who invested a great deal of knowledge, effort and experience in training preparations."


The certificate was accepted from the hands of Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary General, on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior and of the police by the Slovenian Foreign Minister, Samuel Žbogar, who was on an official visit to New York on 10 February 2011.


Aleš Grudnik with the fist internationally certified training programme for the Slovenian police.

The obtained certificate means an acknowledgement of good work and longstanding efforts. This certificate will also serve as a basis for organisation of training for UN member states that do not have yet such a programme in place.

The basic training of police candidates for work in international civil missions is carried out once a year. In the period between 11 and 29 October 2010, the execution of the programme was slightly modified: Driven with a strong desire to obtain international certification from the United Nations Organisation, it was carried out strictly in accordance with its modules on the basis of a programme of our own.