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Between 15 July and 15 August 2011, two Slovenian police officers will assist Croatian police officers in procedures with Slovenian citizens.

At a conference of the Chiefs of European Police forces taking place prior to the tourist season in Croatian Opatija, today, 12 May 2011, the Director General of the Police, Janko Goršek, signed the agreement on co-operation on the basis of which two Slovenian police officers will be seconded to Croatian Istria and Rijeka during the summer season to assist their Croatian colleagues in carrying out duties relating to Slovenian citizens.


The Slovenian Police has acceded to the Protocol regarding the Co-operation during the Tourist Season for the first time. As said by Janko Goršek, among other matters, upon the signing of the Protocol, the forms of co-operation between Slovenian and Croatian police officers have been exemplary on all levels for several years and this year's co-operation during the tourist season in Croatia only improves this co-operation.

Besides Slovenian police officers, Austrian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak police officers and representatives of Interpol will patrol with Croatian police officers. The secondment of police officers to other countries to provide support when carrying out police tasks is one of the forms of co-operation by which the trust among state authorities is strengthened. At the same time such co-operation enables a fast exchange of information regarding important security phenomena and forms of crime which occur in the field of tourism.

The conference of the Chiefs of European Police forces taking place prior to the tourist season - this year, the sixth conference took place with the purpose of establishing forms of close police co-operation and the provision of safe residence of foreign citizens in Croatia. The participants of this year's conference thus became familiar with the security status in this country during last year's tourist season and with the preparations for this summer in the field of road traffic safety, border police and crime. As said by the Director General of the Police, Janko Goršek, it is a case of a meeting which is much more than the usual gathering of international experts. In fact, it brings a clear message from the countries from which we come about the readiness for close cross-border police co-operation and operation on the basis of our awareness that only by being together can we be successful in the fight against various forms of crime.