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The Director General of the Police, Janko Goršek, hosted a reception for Mitja Kosovelj, a police employee and top athlete, who took the gold in the 2011 World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge.

Mitja Kosovelj finished the 37 km route in Podbrdo in 3:22:32, winning his second medal of the year after taking bronze earlier in a race in England.

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The route commenced in Petrovo Brdo. On their way to the finish in Podbrdo, the runners had to deal with a 5 000 metre altitude differential and an ascent to Porezen (1 630 m). Both GorÅ¡ek and Kosovelj agreed the race was a tremendous challenge. GorÅ¡ek congratulated Kosovelj on his achievement, expressing his hope that there would be many more such excellent results in the future.