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In the framework of European anti-corruption training the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption and National Investigation Bureau organised, on 27 and 28 March, the first out of three international workshops.

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Mag. Goran Klemenčič, Head of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption,  and Robert Črepinko, Head of the National Investigation Bureau (authorised by the Director General of the Police) 

The workshop on the use of technology as a tool for effectively combating and preventing corruption is attended by representatives of anti-corruption institutions of the EU member states, Schengen area and Western Balkans.

Robert Črepinko, who is currently leading the National Investigation Bureau by authorization of the Director General of the Police, said in his introductory address that corruption cannot be uprooted with repressive measures alone. "Therefore, with our partners in the project, we set ourselves a very ambitious plan and we are trying, with your help, to comprehensively address anti-corruption endeavours through a marriage of preventive activities, international cooperation and investigation of corruption criminal offences. Cooperation of different experts under the auspices of the trilateral project is a recipe for successful continuation of anti-corruption efforts in the future."
The European anti-corruption training is a trilateral project of four anti-corruption institutions of three countries: the Austrian Federal Bureau of Anti-corruption, Slovak Anti-corruption Bureau and the Slovenian National Investigation Bureau and Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. The project will last from 2011 to 2013 and the activities include two conferences and nine workshops in the framework of three thematic working groups: prevention (Slovenia), detection and prosecution (Austria) and international cooperation (Slovakia). As part of the EACT project with the slogan Practice Connects with Practice the issuing of several manuals is foreseen and the emphasis is on case studies and exchange of practical experience.  The opening conference of the EACT project was in September 2011 and the closing conference will be held in 2013 in Slovenia.

This workshop was aimed at an exchange of good practices in the field of using technology as a tool for effectively combating corruption.