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Today, on 11 July, the Director General of the Police received two Slovenian police officers that are to be seconded to Croatia between 23 July and 17 August. They will be carrying out policing activities with their Croatian counterparts and assisting holidaying Slovenian citizens.

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Head of International Police Operations Division, Vladimir Pocek, police officers Jože Sudac and Boštjan Pantner, Director General of the Police, Janko Goršek, representative of the International Police Operations Division, Anita Baltič

The officers are going to carry out police activities with Croatian officers in the Primorsko-Goranska and Istarska counties. They will be present to facilitate communication with Slovenian tourists in police-related matters. The police officers will perform their duties in cooperation with the Croatian officers and take orders from the police station commander with local jurisdiction.

The Director General of the Police, Janko Goršek, and the Deputy Director General of the Croatian Police, Dražen Vitez, signed a protocol on police cooperation during the high season.  This form of cooperation is the continuation of efficient patrolling practice introduced last year.  Croatian officers will patrol the area with police officers from Slovenia and 12 other countries. The project promotes international police cooperation. It also demonstrates that the Croatian police have become an open organisation that is ready to share its experience with foreign police officers.